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Enevo: Smarter Waste Management

September 13, 2013 | Company Interview


Slush 2013 brings together startups that combat various problems. Enevo aims to solve global environmental issues with the clear vision to revolutionize the waste management and recycling industry. They build and operate the online service and sensor network, ONe Collect, to cut 30-40% of waste management costs by optimizing schedules and routes of waste collection trucks.

This sounds impressive. Let’s see what is happening behind the scenes of Enevo and listen to what Fredrik Kekäläinen, CEO at Enevo, has to say that will surprise us.

Your team is…

We are a mixture of seasoned software and telecommunication engineers, data analysts, network gurus and waste management experts. We look at the waste management industry from a completely new perspective and this allows us to bring outside-the-box solutions that are truly transformative for the market.

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What drives you to accomplish this?

We get our kicks from knowing that we can and will transform the traditional industry to the better. Seeing how smart technology and new perspective can bring benefits for everyone is truly exciting. We feel what we do has real value and eventually touches everyone – globally.

Three things that are going to surprise us:

1. MacGyver, the resourceful special agent and gadget guru from the 80′s TV series is the company’s role model – especially for the engineers.
2. Our CEO and co-founder had an “ENEVO” license plate on his car while he was living in the US.
3. Our sensors are shipping to 6 out of 7 continents on the planet.

The main quality of a successful entrepreneur:

Someone, who knows how to get things done. Execution is everything – so our advice is to stop planning and start doing instead. Our motivation comes from seeing the great results our customers get with our solution.

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